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At True SBA Expert we are focused on delivering all valuable lending options to our applicants, vendors, and clients at every turn.

Whether we fund you in-house or through our network of partners we assure you access to the best rates and programs available!!





Since 2001 True SBA Expert has managed to save clients an average of 70% off their monthly cash flow obligations compared to companies like Kabbage and Ondeck.  


What can your company do with $250,000 loan amortized over 5 years instead of 12 months.  

For starters, your saving 70%+ out of your monthly obligation freeing up capital for other operational needs.


The True SBA Expert will provide you the programs, process, and support to continually access a variety of capital products that fit YOUR needs not some MCA Funders view of what their profits should be!




Once upon a time a business owner could walk into his local bank and secure a loan or credit line with a simple application.  

In today's every expanding lending marketplace, we will proceed with every effort to become your lending partner for life. 

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